Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Burger #1

Hmm so wish I had started this on a better dish but whatever. So I looked in my fridge, see a rissole and decide Burgers.

Ingredients are
1x Hamburger Bun, cut in half
1x Rissole
Some Lettuce
A couple of slices of Cucumber
2x slices of cheese
1x Egg (This was added later but whatever I saw an egg dont judge)
Tomato sauce
Mayonnaise (same as the egg worked well though)

So pretty easy ... read the rest after the break

Heat some oil in a pan, throw the rissole in and squash it down so that its a flat patty.

After about 6 minutes flip the rissole over.
Add the egg ring and crack an egg into it

Flip the egg when its cooked
Cut the ring away and put a slice of cheese on top of it in the pan

Put the egg and cheese at the bottom of the bun

Put some tomato sause on the egg
Put a slice of cheese on the rissole
Holy crap - Dont burn it like I did

Put the rissole/cheese on the bun
Put the cucumber on the other side of the bun
Put some mayonaise on it
Put the Lettuce above that

Put the whole thing together for a delicious burger.
    Tomato would have been really good on this.

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